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A group for artists and art lovers who enjoy Sailor Moon (anime, manga, live action, musical, ect!) We showcase traditional-media fanart (pencil, marker, handmade, cosplay, etc) and welcome OC senshi. We'd love to have you as part of the group! :heart:
Founded 3 Years ago
Mar 27, 2011


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Fan Club

746 Members
793 Watchers
28,327 Pageviews
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Traditional-Sailors Group Rules

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by GasaraSWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

Traditional-Sailors Group Rules

1.) 3 deviations may be submitted per member, per week.
2.) This is a group for Sailor Moon art made with Traditional Media only.
2a.) We do not accept: Garage Kits, objects made with a 3D printer.
3.) Please submit artwork of which you are proud.  We welcome all skill levels, but please make sure your art is finished.
4.) Your art must be your own.  Art theft will not be tolerated.  
5.) If coloring another artist's lineart, make sure that they are credited and that you have permission from that artist.
6.) No official artwork.  Images that are traced or are strongly referenced from official art will be declined.  
7.) Mature works are accepted, but must be labelled as mature and comply with dA policy.
8.) We accept OC Senshi and Crossover Senshi, but make sure that they go into the correct folders.  (Original Characters and Crossovers, respectively.)
9.) Submit to the correct folders.  Do not submit to featured.  (Need help picking a folder?  Check here: traditional-sailors.deviantart… )
10.) Be good to each other.  No flaming or trolling.

Penalty Policy

:bulletred:  Members who consistently disregard submission rules will find themselves unable to submit pieces to the group for 30 days.   "Consistent disregard" means submitting four pieces in a row that all break group rules.  Since we currently limit submissions to 3/week, this means that you'd have to make mistakes across multiple weeks.
:bulletred:  The exception to our "consistent disregard" rule is submitting to the wrong folder.  If you submit to the wrong folder, your submission will be declined, you will be told what the correct folder is, and you will be asked to resubmit.   You will not be blocked from submitting if you submit to the wrong folders!

Bow Bullet : Pink by SyumiMore detail on the rules hereBow Bullet : Pink by Syumi

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by GasaraSWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

Gallery Folders

Original Characters
Locations and Objects
Sailor Sun Collab Project
Sailor Animamates Collab Project
Sailor Moon Zodiac Project
Sailor Moon Character Project
Contest: Sailor Moon Reboot
Monster Mash Collab



Recent Journal Entries

Halloween Candy Corn  The Monster Mash Collab  Halloween Candy Corn 

Bone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by Gasara

It’s time for a monster party!  For this collab we’ve assembled a hefty list of frightful beasties from mythology, folklore, and cryptozoology and we’re inviting you to create a unique, monstrous senshi to come boogie down at the Traditional-Sailors Monster Mash!

Sailors Hydra and Goo do the Monster Mash! by nickyflamingo  [Collab] Sparkle Zombie by WanderingKotka

Pumpkin Emote  How It Works:

Step 1: Comment to claim a monster.  One monster at a time!
Step 2: Draw your vision of a Sailor Senshi for the monster you’ve selected!  
Step 3: Submit your fearsome Senshi to our ‘Monster Mash Collab’ folder.
Step 4: Repeat as desired!

Pumpkin Emote  Deadline:

All collab entries are due by November 8th, 2014.

Pumpkin Emote  The Rules:

:bulletorange: All submissions must be in traditional media and follow all Traditional-Sailors Submission Rules.  You can read our rules here: traditional-sailors.deviantart…
:bulletorange: New drawings and new senshi only please!  That said, you’re free to draw your new fearsome Senshi with an existing monster/horror senshi you have, if you like.

Pumpkin Emote  Guidelines and Notes:

:bulletorange: You can be as inventive as you would like with the Sailor fuku, just make sure it still has some resemblance to the canon fukus (bow, collar, something.)  
:bulletorange: Just because these are scary creatures doesn’t mean that you need to draw a scary senshi.  Make her cute, make her silly, make her sexy!  Just have fun with it!
:bulletorange: You don't have to come up with a full profile/background story for your Monster Senshi, but it's doubly cool if you do!
:bulletorange: Pieces submitted to the Monster Mash Collab will be featured in a special gallery folder and a journal feature so that everyone can see the fruits of our collaboration!
:bulletorange: You may draw your Monster Senshi together with someone else’s monster/horror-themed senshi or one of your own pre-existing senshi, but be sure you have the character creator's permission first.
:bulletorange: We are not responsible for nightmares!  ;)

Pumpkin Emote  Completed Monsters:

Monster Mash Collab - Sailor Oni by sailorpyoco Sailor Oni by :iconsailorpyoco:

Pumpkin Emote  Available Monsters:

  1. Adlet (Inuit dog man)
  2. Ahool (giant bat or pterosaur, Indonesia)
  3. Akhlut (Inuit wolf-orca hybrid)
  4. Akkorokamui (giant octopus, Japan)…
  5. Alien Grey (classic extraterrestrial)…
  6. Ankou (European Death Spirit)
  7. Aswang (Phillipine ghoulish were-dog)
  8. Bakeneko / Nekomata (Japanese Spirit Cats)  :iconbunniichan:
  9. Baku (Japan)… :iconthejabberwokk:
  10. Banshee :iconragemoon:
  11. Basilisk (European)
  12. Beast of Busco (giant turtle, United States)…
  13. Bloody Mary… :iconunisamas:
  14. Boggart
  15. Bunyip (water-dwelling chimeric creature, Australia)
  16. Chupacabra…
  17. Creature from the Black Lagoon…
  18. Cthulhu
  19. Cyclops
  20. Draugar (undead creature from Norse mythology)
  21. Drop Bear (Austrailian carnivorous marsupials)…
  22. Dullahan (Celtic)  :iconsybil-chan:
  23. Fenrir (Norse Monster Wolf)
  24. Frankenstein’s Monster…
  25. Futakuchi-onna (Japanese monster with two mouths)…
  26. Gashadokuro (Giant Skeleton monster, Japan)…
  27. Ghoul
  28. Glaistig/ “The Green Lady” (Scottish Ghost)… :iconwildnature03:
  29. Goatman (half-man, half-goat, United States)…
  30. Golem
  31. Gorgon :iconshade-arts:
  32. Gremlin
  33. Grindylow…
  34. Grootslang (elephant/snake hybrid, South Africa)…
  35. Harpy (Greek)
  36. Headless Horseman…
  37. Imp… Devil (goat-headed winged nasty, United States)…
  38. Jiangshi (“Chinese Vampire”) :icontesserafrost:
  39. Jinn/ Djinn/ Genie  :iconroselite:
  40. Jörmungandr (Norse World Serpent)…
  41. Kappa (Japanese river spirit)…
  42. Kelpie (Scottish)
  43. King Kong…
  44. Kitsune (Japanese fox spirit)  :iconnekochanthekitty:
  45. Kraken
  46. Krampus (Alpine winter myth) :iconsaito-hizuki:
  47. La Llorona ("The Weeping Woman", Mexican ghost)…
  48. Lamia…
  49. Loch Ness Monster (lake monster, Scotland)…
  50. Mannegishi (A race from Cree folklore)…
  51. Manticore (Persian)…
  52. Melon Heads (small hominid with a massive head, United States)…
  53. Minotaur (Greek)
  54. Mogwai (Chinese demons)…
  55. Mongolian Death Worm (giant, acid-secreting worm, Mongolia)…
  56. Mothman (giant mothwinged human, United States)
  57. Mummy
  58. Nachzehrer (German)…
  59. Nemean lion (Greek)…
  60. Ninki Nanka (Dragon-like, West Africa)…
  61. Oni (Japanese Ogres)  :iconsailorpyoco: DONE!
  62. Ogre
  63. Patasola (South American shape shifting monster)
  64. Penanggalan (Indonesian)…
  65. Phi Tai Hong (Thai vengeful spirits)…
  66. Poltergeist…
  67. Popobawa (East African Coast shapershifter)
  68. Pricolici (Romanian, undead wolves)…
  69. Psoglav (Serbian demonic creature)
  70. Qalupalik (Inuit Abductor)… :iconladyredvelvet:
  71. Rakshasa/i (Hindu unrighteous spirit),
  72. Raven mocker (Cherokee evil being)…
  73. Redcap (English)
  74. Reptilian (reptile hominids)…
  75. Roc (Giant bird)…
  76. Rokurokubi (Japanese spirit that can stretch their neck or remove their heads)…
  77. Rusalka (Slavic water spirit)
  78. Sasquatch (giant hairy hominid, United States)  :iconcionie:
  79. Shadow Person…
  80. Siren (Greek)… :iconleannaqua:
  81. Slender Man…
  82. Sphinx (Asian, Egyptian, Greek)  :icontheanomally:
  83. Spring-Heeled Jack (jumping devil-man, England)…
  84. Succubus/Incubus :iconshanyume:
  85. Tengu (Japanese spirit of varied appearances)  :iconthenekk:
  86. Tikbalang (Phillipine)…
  87. Tsuchigumo (Japan, giant spider monsters)…
  88. Troll
  89. Vampire (classic, European) :iconotai:
  90. Wampus Cat (felid, maybe shapeshifter, United States)…  :iconanimecolorful:
  91. Weeping Angel… :iconsnow-princess:
  92. Wendigo
  93. Werewolf
  94. Xenomorph (creature in Alien)… :iconstephanie-chivas:
  95. Yeti (giant hairy hominid, Himilayas)
  96. Yuki-onna (Japanese snow spirit)… :iconnitewulf12:
  97. Zombie  :iconmistresslegato:
More Journal Entries

Sailor Moon Events on dA

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by GasaraSWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara


:bulletpink: :iconmessier-senshi: Round two of the MMA tournament is underway! Send your senshi to the dream world in chibi form! Event ends August 1st!

:bulletpink: Have a contest? Add yours by messaging the group or one of the admins!


:bulletpink: None currently. Add yours by messaging the group or one of the admins!


:bulletpink: :iconsmvillage: Is holding a fun side quest! Send your senshi on the town for a day of fun and glamour!

Are you running a Sailor Moon-themed event? Drop the group a note and we'll add your event to our list!

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SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by GasaraSWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

Your Friendly Admins!

:iconnickyflamingo: :iconwanderingkotka:

We welcome all members to message us or the group if you have questions, suggestions, events or contests to advertise, nominations for Member of the Month, or collab suggestions!

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