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Sailor Sun Collab: EXTENDED!

Sun Mar 9, 2014, 10:04 AM by WanderingKotka:iconwanderingkotka:
[EDIT] We have extended the deadline!  Everyone now has an extra month and the new deadline is April 26th, 2014!

With the dawn of a new year just behind us, it’s time for a new collab here at Traditional-Sailors!  And what better way to celebrate our latest communal trip around the sun than with a collaboration celebrating that very celestial body?  Without further ado, let’s all join in . . .

The Sailor Sun Collab!

For this collab we want to explore all the different ways that the Sailor Moon fandom has filled and can fill the void in the Sol Senshi lineup—namely the solar senshi herself!

[Collab] Sailor Sun by WanderingKotka Let the Sailor Sun Collab begin! by nickyflamingo

How It Works:

:bulletblack: Step 1: Leave a comment saying you’d like to participate.  This isn’t strictly necessary, but it helps us get an idea of how many entries we need to keep an eye on.
:bulletblack: Step 2: Draw your vision of Sailor Sun!  If you have an existing Sailor Sun, you may draw her.  If you don’t have a Sailor Sun, this is a great opportunity to make one up!
:bulletblack: Step 3: Submit your Sailor Sun to :icontraditional-sailors:’ Sailor Sun Collab gallery folder.

Deadline:  March 23rd, 2014  April 26th, 2014

The Rules:

:bulletred: All submissions must be in traditional media and follow all Traditional-Sailors Submission Rules.  You can read our rules here:
:bulletred: New drawings only, please!  You do not need to invent a new Sailor Sun for this project if you already have one, but you do need to create a new piece featuring her.
:bulletred: Your Sailor Sun needs to represent the Sun, as in our sun.  That said, the “Sun” in Sailor Sun can be in the language of your choice or have any modifier you like.  Want to make a “Sailor Soleil” and have her be circus-inspired?  Run with it.  
:bulletred: Make your Sailor Sun with love, not lulz.  We know that Sailor Sun can be a bit of a fandom cliché, but we’re playing this one straight.  This collab is all about having fun and indulging ourselves!  
:bulletred:  Play nice. There are a lot of Sailor Suns out there and more are about to be created, so coincidences are going to happen. (Warm color schemes much?) That said, do try to be original! Check your designs against currently existing Sailor Suns and try not to hew too close to any one design.


:bulletblue: You can be as inventive as you would like with the Sailor fuku, just make sure it still has some resemblance to the canon fukus (bow, collar, something.)  
:bulletblue: You don't have to come up with a full profile/background story for your Sailor Sun, but it's doubly cool if you do!
:bulletblue: Pieces submitted to the Sailor Sun Collab will be featured in a special gallery folder and a module on our main page so that everyone can see the fruits of our collaboration!
:bulletblue: You can also design a Solar Knight in place of a Sailor Sun.  (Much like Mamoru is the protector of Earth and bears its star seed, the Solar Knight would be the carrier of the Sun's star seed.)
:bulletblue: You can draw your Sailor Sun together with another person's Sailor Sun in a group pic, but please get the other person's permission first.  


:bulletyellow: :iconbaitou: :bulletyellow: :iconnitewulf12: :bulletyellow: :iconlissapin: :bulletyellow: :iconheart-of-amethyst: :bulletyellow: :icongabistar: :bulletyellow: :iconchobitsmng: :bulletyellow: :iconboundbyribbon: :bulletyellow: :iconsakkysa: :bulletyellow: :iconbunniichan: :bulletyellow: :iconkenlybop: :bulletyellow: :iconsnow-princess: :bulletyellow: :iconshade-lover31: :bulletyellow: :iconli-xiang: :bulletyellow: :iconaoichou: :bulletyellow: :iconkaigal: :bulletyellow: :iconstephanie-chivas: :bulletyellow: :iconhatter2thehare: :bulletyellow: :icontheanomally: :bulletyellow: :icondragonrhapsody: :bulletyellow: :iconmistresslegato:  :bulletyellow:  :iconladycat17:  :bulletyellow:  :iconladysakure:  :bulletyellow:  :iconsingasong:

:bulletyellow: :iconnickyflamingo: :bulletyellow: :iconwanderingkotka: :bulletyellow: :iconjateshi: :bulletyellow: :iconsailorx161: :bulletyellow: :icondraconine: :bulletyellow: :iconsybil-chan: :bulletyellow: :iconotai: :bulletyellow: :iconunisamas: :bulletyellow: :iconleaf-nin: :bulletyellow: :iconyuninaoki: :bulletyellow: :iconanimecolourful: :bulletyellow: :iconmiserie: :bulletyellow: :iconthejabberwokk:

The Solar Senshi!:

:bulletyellow: :iconjateshi: Sailor Sun kick! by Jateshi     :bulletyellow: :iconsailorx161: Sunn Knight by sailorx161     :bulletyellow: :icondraconine: Sailor Sun Collab by Draconine    :bulletyellow: :iconsybil-chan:  Sailor Sun Celestial by Sybil-chan     :bulletyellow: :iconotai: Sailor Sun Collab Project by Otai     :bulletyellow: :iconunisamas: The two Suns- collab project by Unisamas   :bulletyellow:  :iconli-xiang: Sailorsun by li-xiang :bulletyellow: :iconleaf-nin: SMSE: Solar Nouveau by Leaf-nin :bulletyellow: :iconyuninaoki: Sailor Sun: Revamped and  'In the Raw' by YuniNaoki :bulletyellow: :iconanimecolourful: Sailor Sun by Animecolourful  :bulletyellow: :iconmiserie: Traditional-Sailors: Sailor Sun by Miserie  :bulletyellow: :iconthejabberwokk: Lady Sol by TheJabberwokk

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